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AWRC believes that community mobilization is crucial for promoting equality, good governances and democracy, and for sustaining peace in Afghanistan.

AWRC, through its community mobilization initiatives, organizes the communities and imparts essential knowledge and required skills to both men and women in order to enable them to become their own agents of positive changes and actively take part in advocacy movements for social change towards equality, promoting good governances, democracy and peace.

“My participation in the workshop showed me that leadership is not inevitably attached to being a man. Leadership requires skills that many people, including members of my family, friends and community, already have and use it in their everyday life”

Nooria participant of AWRC workshop on leadership and women’s decision making

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Achievements So Far:
- 5 Committees were registered as local CSO with Ministry of Justice respectively.- 1000 awareness workshops were conducted in five provinces,- 16 committees were trained on different awareness and management theme - 5 committees were supported in terms of setting their objectives and by law;- 40 cases of violence were advised by AWRC advocacy

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