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A group of educated Afghan refugee women from different walks of life gathered together in a workshop held in August 1989 and decided to have a local women organization of their own, that would be run by Afghan women, work for the welfare as well as empowerment of Afghan women. It is notable that right on the day of the workshop, the first ever Advisory Board of the Afghan Women’s Resource Center (AWRC) was selected and finalized from among those 80 participants of the event. Mrs. Naheed Ebrahimi became the first Chairperson and Ms. Hafsa Sadat was chosen as the Deputy Chairperson of the organization.

Established as a non–government, non–political, indigenous humanitarian aid organization, AWRC strongly believes in the active participation of women in all areas of a society to reach to the success. Since its inception AWRC has worked with thousands of Afghan women and children in Pakistan, and from 2002 has been active in Afghanistan, providing livelihood opportunities through vocational skills trainings and micro-finance loan programs, literacy program, preventive health education, professional/management capacity building programs, advocating and lobbying for and/or on behalf of the plight of Afghan women and sensitizing the masses towards admitting and accepting the role and contribution of their female counterparts etc.

We see the future of Afghan women not as passive victims but as active agents of positive changes in their community and nation.


AWRC contributes to Afghan women empowerment and Afghan children protection. At this end it offers quality services in the education, health, capacity building, income generation and human rights/awareness sectors for its target group and enhances women capabilities to improve their economic and social well-being. It advocates with and on behalf of Afghan women for social change to ensure that national development efforts are both equitable and sustainable. It believes that involvement of all concerned actors is crucial to success.


Welcome to the Afghan Women’s Resource Center (AWRC), and thank you for visiting our website.

AWRC was established by a group of concerned Afghani women in August 1989 in Peshawar city of Pakistan and has been active in Afghanistan since July 2002.
AWRC addresses the pressing needs of Afghan communities to empower women and protect children. We believe that Afghan women’s meaningful and equal participation is a prerequisite in rebuilding Afghanistan, promoting gender balance and sustaining peace and democracy in Afghanistan. Thus, we always promote initiatives to equip women with required skills and knowledge to become active agents of positive change within their communities and the nation. On the other hand, our children are our biggest assets, and they are the present and the future of our country. That is why we provide opportunities for their mental and physical growth to improve their well-being and protect their lives.

AWRC provides assistance in the sectors of education, agriculture, livelihood, advocacy, community mobilization and civic education with active community involvement and participation. Respect to human dignity, professionalism, Gender sensitivity, transparency and accountability are our core values.
Looking back at our accomplishments, I am grateful to all of our donors, supporters, staff and volunteers who have been generous in backing up AWRC to achieve its goals and move towards attaining its vision. Without your support, it wouldn’t be possible for AWRC to move forward and grow so, your donation in any amount is crucial to meet our set of objectives.
Since AWRC’s inception, thousands of Afghan women, children, and men have directly benefited from AWRC’s supports and assistance.
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Thank you,
Partawmina Hashemee
Director of AWRC

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